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The Awareness Network is a unique nonprofit with a critically important mission.

One-in-five children will eventually develop a mental illness. Anxiety disorders and depression are especially prevalent. The causes can be biological, economic, and societal. Despite the numbers, only a third of our community’s kids, teenagers, young adults, and families will receive proper treatment. The greatest deterrents to treatment are stigma and cost.

​Most behavioral disorders are highly treatable if diagnosed and treated early. That’s why the Awareness Network focuses on providing financial aid and mental health resources to members of our community, in addition to educating the public and addressing systemic problems that contribute to mental health disorders.

The Awareness Network's mission is only possible because of generous donations made by individuals committed to promoting treatment and ending the stigma surrounding anxiety disorders and depression.

The Awareness Network offers a number of free resources for youth coping with anxiety and depression.

Anxiety disorders and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders in the world. 


Awareness. Financial aid. Free resources.

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