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What people are saying about the Awareness Network
"I would like to thank the Awareness Network for helping with two of my clients receive funding to help with evaluations and Sex offender Treatment that Medicaid services would not pay for.  Without the funding stream from the Awareness Network we as a treatment team would never have found out specifics and disclosure made by client so his treatment providers could access the right level of care for client.  This funding stream is vital to specific cases where clients insurance won't cover that treatment direction that has been requested by therapeutic professionals." 
- Jon Eichler, Co-Occurring Services Manager for Intermountain 
family member

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Avatar 109

"Working with  the Awareness Network was simply amazing.  The compassion they gave during a time when it was needed most was beyond uplifting and brought so much hope.  It is inspiring to know that families are being helped in such a tremendous way because of the caring people at Awareness Network." 

Dan, parent

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"I am so grateful for the financial assistance for my son's mental health treatment needs." 

Helena youth

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Avatar 111

"Thank you again. I'm much calmer throughout each day. I noticed this right after my first session. " 

Terri, parent

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"I give God a little wink when I think of how I had no idea  that your network existed and then there you were. Your organization is truly a blessing!" 

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